Special Tips for Recovering After Tooth Extraction

In general, a surgeons like Dr. Robert Stemme only advocates a tooth extraction as a last resort treatment for a tooth that is too severely compromised for treatment by a root canal. This is often related to an untreated cavity, severe dental trauma or other unforeseen complications. After suturing your gums Dr. Robert Stemme will provide you with any necessary... read more »

Basic Care Can Help Your Gums Heal Comfortably After a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is often a last resort measure of treatment for a tooth that has been severely traumatized or compromised by untreated tooth decay. It typically involves excising the tooth’s root structure as well as any potential infected material, before the gums are sutured. In a case this severe, Dr. Robert Stemme will likely provide you with a prescription for... read more »

Special Care Needs to Be Taken After a Dental Extraction

Severe dental trauma and untreated tooth decay can have a severe negative effect on the internal structures of a tooth, as well as the root that anchors it in the periodontal tissues. If the problem is severe Dr. Robert Stemme might not be able to treat it with endodontic therapy. In a situation this dire, they might recommend extracting all... read more »