Wisdom Teeth Evolution

What are you familiar with concerning the history of wisdom teeth? Have they ever had a purpose? When did we first start using them? Find out the answers to these questions and extra ones by reading this post we've created about the history of wisdom teeth. If you have any... Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity Risk Factors

Will you experience tooth sensitivity? Are you going to? Knowing the signs can be half the battle, so we've assembled this post on tooth sensitivity causes and risk factors for your educational benefit. We hope you benefit from these facts. When your pearly white's roots are unprotected due to receding... Read more »

A Dental Implant Is One of the Most Effective Methods for Replacing a Lost Tooth

Losing a tooth can certainly be painful and traumatic. Even if you learn to live with decreased oral function and any possible changes in your appearance, the void in your mouth could potentially cause complications with your dentition. The nearby teeth could gradually start to change their alignment, this could... Read more »

Special Care Needs to Be Taken After a Dental Extraction

Severe dental trauma and untreated tooth decay can have a severe negative effect on the internal structures of a tooth, as well as the root that anchors it in the periodontal tissues. If the problem is severe Dr. Robert Stemme might not be able to treat it with endodontic therapy.... Read more »

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Causing Swelling? Here’s How to Deal with It

Oral hygiene is very important for a top-notch smile and oral health, and part of oral hygiene is having a healthy and balanced diet. So, if you want your child to have strong and healthy teeth and gums, our dentist, Dr. Robert Stemme, encourages you to teach them about tooth-healthy... Read more »

Combat Oral Health Issues with Tooth Hazard Prevention Plans

Apart from microscopic bacteria and plaque buildup in your mouth, there are numerous risks to your teeth and gums that can arise throughout your life. Protect yourself from the dangers of tooth hazards in your day-to-day life. Listed below are a few hazards to be mindful of: Unhealthy Habits -... Read more »

Oral Health Care Procedures: Jaw and Facial Pain

Did you know the jaw pain can be caused by a wide assortment of oral health disorders and conditions? Severe ailments such as bruxism, periodontal disease, and temporomandibular disorders can all be the cause of jaw pain. Fortunately, various oral health treatments exist to repair your jaw. Frequent jaw pain... Read more »

Save Your Smile with Dental Implants This Autumn

Dental implants are an extremely advanced type of tooth replacement therapy that uses artificial teeth to lastingly replace missing ones by assigning them directly to the bone in the jaw. They were invented to improve oral health care and fill out the face with a complete smile. Dental implants have... Read more »

A Knocked Out Tooth Requires Special First-Aid While Seeking Care From a Dentist

There are rare instances when an accident or sports injury can carry enough force to knock a tooth out of the socket. Also known as dental avulsion, this severe oral trauma can also cause the tooth to fracture at the gumline. A situation of this magnitude always requires some basic... Read more »

Is TMJ Disorder Disrupting Your Healthy Smile?

Maintaining your oral health involves not just healthy teeth and gums, but your jaw as well. One vital element that should never be overlooked is the temporomandibular joints, also known as the TMJs. These joints are what moves your jaw correctly, and help your mouth function properly. Let's take a look at how... Read more »